Brew a Perfect Pot of Coffee

Coffee Beans and coffee cup
To keep coffee fresh, keep it in a cool, dry, dark area of your kitchen but not in the refrigerator.  I was raised believing the refrigerator was the best place to keep ground coffee until ready to use it -- my mother and grandmother both did that.
When to Refrigerate Coffee -- Never, unless you are conducting a science experiment on how long it takes to ruin perfectly good coffee. The fridge is one of the absolute worst places to put coffee.-- source:

Valve-Sealed Bags are best.   I have bought vacuum-sealed beans many times thinking such beans stay fresh longer.  Wrong again.  Now I know to look for bags that are sealed with valves.
Vacuum-sealed coffee does not equal fresh coffee. When coffee is roasted, it releases carbon dioxide and continues to release it for days afterward. Fresh-roasted coffee can be packaged in valve-sealed bags to allow the gasses to escape and will taste best about 48 hours after roasting.--

How to Grow Coffee Trees

A coffee tree or plant is a tropical evergreen shrub that yields beans for ten years but may live more than 60 years and get 40 feet tall.  The coffee beans begin to appear on a young coffee plant 6 years old and stop producing after ten years.  Coffee trees older than 16 years become shade producers but that's about it.

If you have a tropical climate (70 degrees average) and want to grow a coffee plant, keep the plant down to six feet tall to get the best yield and to make it easier to harvest. "Rainfall should be plentiful and the weather should switch between heavy rainfall and sunshine to bring the berries to full maturity" (source:

According to most sources, coffee plants don't care what the soil is like as long as there is not standing water.  Without excellent drainage, the coffee plants will not flourish.

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Coffee plants are fairly easy to grow in the home as a potted specimen, but they should be moved outdoors for the summer if possible. They grow best in filtered sunlight, with night temperatures in the lower to mid 60s and day temperatures of 70F or higher. Plant them in any good commercial, fast draining potting soil . The soil should be kept on the moist side, but never soggy.
Coffee plants will produce fruit without any fertilizing whatsoever, but for best results and maximum yield, they should be fed every 2 weeks from March to October, and then monthly from November through February. Use a soluble, all purpose (10-10-10) fertilizer.

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